Friday, September 14, 2007

Feeling Better...'s the next day and I'm writing again. I think it's because I made my laptop hibernate last night and all of these windows were still open when I opened my laptop again tonight. Maybe that is what I need to do to remember to write. :)

My headache is gone and I am in a better mood. I really don't know why I'm in a better mood, and in the past I would have not cared and not questioned why. I question myself now because I am really trying to figure out my mood swings. It's like I can go for days and possibly a few weeks with no depression and then bam!!! Depression's blanket is covering my soul and I can barely breathe.

Today I spoke with a friend of mine named Steve. I met him a little over a year ago and it was wonderful to hear his voice tonight.

I also spoke with my Mom. She is going on vacation tomorrow and is in a great mood. I wish I was going on's been over two years now!

My husband is home tonight and I'm so glad that he isn't at work. I miss him so much. I feel comfortable when he is home. When he works at night I feel very disturbed and can't sleep at all. I love him a lot.

Today my daughter got her school pictures and they are WONDERFUL! She is such a gorgeous and sweet girl. I love her endlessly.

Tomorrow is work...and I'm going to get ready for bed now...


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