Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Advice Needed Please!

I have been looking for a new Blogger template and can't find any that really feel like they go with my blog. Don't get me wrong, I've found quite a few beautiful, compelling, silly, crazy, boring, and OK templates out there, but can't find the one.

One template site I like is located at suckmylolly.com. This lady has a definite style that is all her own and I like quite a few of her templates. There is one called "Where's Jack". A pic of it is below:

I think the template is very cute, but maybe too kiddy for my blog.

I also like the following one called "Flower Blue Border":

But it's also too simple for what I'm looking for.

I also liked the following called "Black Scrolly":

But then again, I like the background of the following template called "Eat my Cake":

The only reason why this template doesn't really fit my blog is because I'm not really trying to "have my cake and eat it too", though the pink frosting on the cupcake sure does look scrummy (I love the color of the frosting as well on this page).

I also LOVE the following template called "Mum 'n Bub":

The only problem with this template is that I'm not pregnant and my daughter is now 15. I do have a dog, but it's a creamy toy poodle, not that it truly matters, but I'm definitely not pregnant with a baby and cruising around with another baby in a carriage.

Suckmylolly, you are AWESOME in blog design! I checked and it looks like you are booked into the next century regarding creating new blog templates, so no luck there.

Does anyone have any advice? I definitely would appreciate it! I truly don't know what to do, but am getting really sick of the look of my blog and want to change it aesthetically.

template by suckmylolly.com