Thursday, November 1, 2007

Birthday, Work, Mid-Terms and Exits

I have not had a chance to blog at all! My husband left for Morocco yesterday and we spent a lot of time together prior to him leaving. He won't be back for a month!

It was my birthday this past Monday. I'm 36 (wow...four years until 40!).

It's mid-terms this week at my university and I have to create an outline for my research paper. UGH.

I worked until 10:00pm tonight and I'll have to do it again tomorrow. I also work Saturday. Sunday I am finishing schoolwork.

So...when I have a few minutes like right now before sacking out to sleep, I read some blogs; however, I haven't had the time to post in my own. By the way, I have been reading DeathSweeper's blog. OMG he is a great writer and I just love his blog. Hop over there if you want to read some wonderful posts from a very special person.

I'll try to post before Sunday, but we'll see.

Monday I have the root canal...YAY! (I never thought I would jump up and down in excitement about a root canal.)

Tuesday I will be home late.

Thursday I will be home late.

Maybe Wednesday I can post?

If not, I'll be back in the blogging business next weekend (11/10/07) and can finally catch up with everything going's been a flurry of activities!

I didn't know that I was addicted to blogging until I didn't have time to do it. there a "Bloggers Anonymous" group I can join? :)

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