Monday, October 6, 2008

OMG Back to School For Me

Here we go again. I took a break from school and summer is over and it's time to start all over. Today it started. I have two classes: Sociology 300 (Societies of Developing Countries) and Computer Information Systems 326 (Object-Oriented Programming I). I'm quite worried about CIS326 because it's based on the C programming language and I haven't taken or used C for 12 years. I just looked at the syllabus for this class and for some reason the professor is skipping chapters all the way to chapter 8. Why, I have no clue. The syllabus scares me to death so I'm dropping her class and enrolling in the other CIS326 class. I hope the next professor starts at chapter 1. We shall see.

The SOC300 class has a paper due in a few weeks that has to be at a minimum 10 pages long. Oh, dear gawd. I don't know what the paper will be about, but just hope that I will get through it.

I do have some good news though...after this quarter in school I'll finally be a SENIOR. I thought I would never get there. The end is in sight.

I don't care if I'm 98 and rolling across that damn stage, I will get my degree one day. I can't wait to blog about graduation!

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