Saturday, January 17, 2009

Out of Bed

Today I was able to not only get out of bed and get dressed but also put on makeup. That's a small feat. Even my teeth are clean. This week it got to the point where even brushing my teeth was a chore. My husband is currently giving an oil painting lesson in his studio. I am in our bedroom waiting for him to finish. Before he started the lesson he came into the bedroom to wake me up and said to get ready because he wanted to take me somewhere. I have no idea where. I didn't want to get up and it was difficult, but I did and am now waiting for him to finish.

I have been in bed so much this week that I actually got out of breath getting ready. That is how fat and out of shape I am. Being in bed 24/7 this past week certainly doesn't help. At the doctors yesterday the scales screamed "237!". Yes, I have gained weight again. I knew it and wasn't surprised. I am going to take down my weight goal widgets here until I start consciously working on it.

My husband is finished with his art class and is ready to go. I'll blog again later tonight.

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