Wednesday, January 9, 2008

All Work and No Play...You Know the Rest

This is a very busy week for me. Not only is work busy and I need to work overtime, more needs to be done which is outlined below:

  • Thursday - Want to get to work at 6:00am at the latest. Work for 12 hours and go home and do homework. Wash some clothes and clean up a bit around the house.
  • Friday - It's my daughter's birthday! She will be 15. Get to work at 5:00am at the latest. Work for 12 hours. Go home and take her and her friend that is spending the night to the movies. Drop them off. They will be meeting approximately 10 friends there. After going to the movies they will walk next door to the ice cream shop for ice cream. Pick them up afterwards. While they are at the movies, get my hair cut and colored and then go to to the store to purchase an iPod Nano for her. She has been dying for one. Pick up a birthday cake. Celebrate when she gets home. Also make 600 meatballs for a wedding the next day.
  • Saturday - Get up EARLY. My step-niece is getting married. As a wedding present, all of the women of the family are doing her reception. Get to the church by 11:00am. Set up the place for the reception, etc, etc. Go to the wedding at 4:00pm. Get back to help with anything needing to be done at the reception and clean up afterwards. If I have time go to work and work a few hours.
  • Sunday - Get up EARLY to finish any homework for the week. Wash some clothes and clean around the house. My hair stylist is having issues with his computer. Get to his house by noon to fix his computer problems. I estimate to be there four, possibly five hours. Get back home and continue washing clothes/cleaning/homework until passing out into bed. If I can get into work for a few hours at all this day would be good.
  • Monday - Get to work by 5:00am. Work 12 hours and then go to my four hour statistics class.
  • Tuesday - Work for 12 hours. It is my husband and Mom's birthday. Get a birthday cake and take it home. That night my husband will be teaching an oil painting class. Make dinner for him and then celebrate when he gets home.
  • Rest of the Week - Work 12 hours a day.
  • The Weekend - Work 12 hours each day.
I wrote all of this out so that I can read it while going along with the week to check and make sure that I'm keeping on track.

I have a t-shirt that says "After viewing her calendar for the week, she went ahead and pre-medicated." I think I need to wear it.


Anonymous said...

my only question is what time are you going to be sleeping?

hope you don't run yourself into the ground!

take care, and don't forget to enjoy the birthdays and weddings!

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