Thursday, January 3, 2008

HoneyBunny Going Wild on New Year's Eve

The above video was taken at 3:14am on New Year's Day. We had gotten back from going out for New Year's Eve and HoneyBunny was SO HAPPY we were home. We piled in the bed with HoneyBunny between us and she decided that she wanted to play. I couldn't help but take the opportunity to capture the moment. The video quality is a bit poor due to it being taken from a cell phone, but it's good nonetheless.

My Dad has a Yorkshire Terrier named Cajun. Years ago I purchased him from a breeder in Louisiana and his actual name is "Ragin' Cajun". The dog was supposed to be ours, but he became very attached to my Dad. After awhile I gave Cajun to my Dad and they have been inseparable ever since. Watching Cajun and my Dad is just sickening. They are so very close and Cajun is so very spoiled. I could never understand what it felt like to love a dog like that. Everywhere you see Daddy you see Cajun and vice versa. Daddy holds him all the time and will at times have a silly grin on his face as he holds him. The grin comes from the love he feels for that old dog.

Last year I bought a toy poodle named HoneyBunny for my daughter's birthday. I made sure not to show any attention to HoneyBunny because I wanted my daughter and her to form a bond. The dog followed me around everywhere. I couldn't seem to get away from her. My daughter didn't spend as much time with her as she should and finally I broke down and started petting her. Before I knew it the love bug bit me.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this dog. She is my daughter as well. HoneyBunny follows me everywhere I go and we are now inseparable. I love holding her and I find myself wishing she could go everywhere with me. I was even thinking that I wish she could be out with us on New Year's Eve. (Now remember that this is coming from someone who would get sickened watching Daddy spoil Cajun absolutely rotten.)

I finally understand it now and wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Funny how it happens, yes? The only true unconditional love you will ever receive in your life, and someone who is ALWAYS glad to see you . Love the name honey bunny, too.

My mother-in-law fell in love with my dog (55 lbs.!) and my dog with her. When she died, I remember my dog running into the kitchen and then her bedroom looking for her. She was very sad for a long while.

As for stats: go to and get a free stat reader, so that you will know how many people visit you, from where, what word searches they do to find you, even what kind of computer operating system they use! very interesting.

Anonymous said...

She looks pretty fierce.


Anonymous said...

and her Mom said,
Thanks for sharing the video with us. HoneyBunney is adorable!
Dogs have a way of working themselves into your heart and you can't remember what life was before without them. They are the best company.
Thanks again for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

Cheers from another dog-loving convert!

I never could understand what my sister saw in all her pets. She even cooed over how cute her snakes and tortoises were.

Then we got our princess Shih Tzu Reese, and I'm the one who ends up carrying him around. (I know, Reese's a girl's name but he was named after a good family memory.) I totally understand about wanting to bring him on New Year's Eve. I wanted to show him the fireworks! :D

Anonymous said...

VERY NICE VID of your cute little dog!

It always amazes me how dogs and cats "play-bite", (hopefully) knowing when to ease off when things get exciting.

Our cat Rupert likes to play-bite but unfortunately gets carried away. James especially has the scratches and scars to prove it.

You've got a wonderful friend in your dog. What a sweetheart, and I bet she's VERY smart!

Anonymous said...

I'd be lost without my cat, Fran. I've always loved animals, always had them in my life, and always will.

I got Fran from a pet store seven years ago. She was 6 weeks old and sitting in the cage all forlorn because she was by herself. Needless to say, she came home with me.

She was a very sick little girl and her rib had been broken before I got her. I pretty much had to tend to her 24/7 for weeks. Now, as an adult, she only has eyes for Daddy. (She bites everyone else!)

HoneyBunny is very cute :) I can see she means the world to you. Pets are the perfect, loving theraputic companion.

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