Monday, January 7, 2008

Will I Ever Use This Knowledge?

Reality: Who really gives a damn?

As you read this I am most likely suffering in my statistics class. Please pray for me. I feel my brain turning to mush already.



Anonymous said...

Statistics are a great source of amusement. They help explain why, when, where, how and who. I mean to say, how else will we know the facts?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's about the facts, actually. it's about being realistic about the future. like you can predict whether something you're doing will be successful or not.

but ya, that hand and pail thing is a little overboard. XD

the statistic that helped me the most was the one that went "being overweight by a certain percentage --- I conveniently forgot the percentage --- decreases your lifespan by three years." I thought that was pretty thought-provoking. :)

God bless your statistics class!

Anonymous said...

If you left them up to me, luv, your 4.0 GPA would plummet !!

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