Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Joy of Finals

Due to preparing for final exams at school I haven't been able to blog. I also haven't been able to check out my favorite blogs, either! Last night I was at the university until 10:00pm working on statistics with a fellow classmate of mine. Do you know when you get so tired that you become silly? Doing statistics for a long period of time can also make you feel that way. We had been working on it for four hours straight and got to the point where we finally solved a very difficult problem after countless tries. When we FINALLY got it right, we actually both jumped up and started dancing around the computer lab. It was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. I told him that it's amazing how two grown adults (he is 43 while I am 36) can get so damn excited about solving a statistics problem. I never thought that this would happen.

As we walked to our cars for the night I told him that I cannot believe that I didn't just get my degree years ago when I was in school instead of joining the Navy. I told him that I could just kick myself every day. If only I knew then what I know now, I would have stayed in school with straight A's back then. ugh.

I so very much hope that my daughter learns from me and goes to college right after high school graduation and STAYS in until she earns her degree. I talk with her about it all the time and just hope that it sinks in. I sincerely don't want her to make the mistakes in life that I have.

This weekend I have to finish statistics homework to turn in this Monday night, and write the eight to ten page business proposal that is due Sunday. I've been working so much on statistics that I haven't yet had time to work on the proposal. I also have to create a PowerPoint presentation with at least ten slides that goes with the proposal. Saturday will be full during the day because my husband is teaching an all day oil painting workshop using the "Alla Prima" technique. Alla Prima is a style of painting where, instead of building colors up with layers, the painting is done in one session while the paint is still wet. From the Italian word which literally means "at once" (got the definition from Nine people signed up for it and I am going to attend as well. It will be my first stab at oil painting and should be interesting. I am also going to help him that day because we are serving lunch.

This Monday night is the final exam for statistics. Tuesday night I am getting my hair done and Wednesday night I have the final exam for the business communications class. Then...I AM DONE!!!!!

I was registered for classes that begin a week after the current classes end, but I unregistered from them. Frankly, I need a break. It will be nice to be off school for the next three months. I am literally at my breaking point and at least I know enough about myself to know when to stop and take a break from school. Previously I would have charged ahead until I fell to the floor having a nervous breakdown. I think taking a break will be very good for me.

During the break I will be able to have time to blog more, read more blogs, walk around the neighborhood with my family and HoneyBunny (the dog), relax, read a good book, travel a bit and just GET OUT AND HAVE FUN. I haven't done that in ages, which is probably half of the problem. We have a digital camera and I want to start taking more pictures and posting them in my blog. I have several projects as well that I want to complete.

I just can't wait!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are taking a bit of a breather and doing some personal stuff. I look forward to seeing loads of pics. I know what you mean about not being able to visit blogs - I hate that feeling of having to do other stuff (like work etc). Still, one must do what pays the bills...

Anonymous said...

and her Mom said,
It sounds as though you are really busy and I'm glad you are going to have a break soon.
Good luck with your finals!

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear some positivity in your post after having a rough patch. And even better to hear you're laughing! :) Good luck with the exams, although I know you'll do well.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and enjoy the break when it comes.

Hugs etc from me

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