Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Job Jitters

Tonight is my daughter's last night training at the restaurant. She did really well this past Sunday night and had a lot more confidence about it all. Prior to going Sunday she said that she didn't want to go and was very nervous about getting people's orders and serving food for the first time. She was so scared that she would make a mistake. She started at 5:00pm and from 5:00pm to 7:30pm I received text messages that went back and forth like this (and there are typos because it was text messages):

Daughter: Mom im so scared!
Me: Don't be scared...You can do this! I believe in you and you need to believe in you too. I am so proud of you for doing this my dear.
Me: I also meant to tell you that the manager noticed you looked very tired last time and that is why she said to go home. That is not a good thing.
Me: Even if you feel tired, don't act like you are or say you are because you need to prove to them that you can do this. I love you and you don't need to reply.

A little bit later:

Daughter: There r other waitresses here and now i feel like im going 2 do something embarassing...well of course i was tired! It was my 1st day.
Daughter: I want 2 go home.

Me: Honey, don't worry about the other waitresses. They had to learn as well once and they understand. You need to try and stick this out. You'll be proud of yourself.
Daughter: But mom their chinese they r familiar w/ the food so its easy 4 them!
Me: Honey...seriously, you can do this. Don't get in trouble texting...just learn now. You will feel better afterwards. Decide that you can do this and don't let anything stop you.

I didn't receive anymore text messages that night. When she had a small break around 8:30pm, she did call and said that she had her own table and had served five couples. You could tell that her self-confidence was much better and she was having fun. When she got home that night she said it was nerve-wracking because she was so scared about making a mistake, but that she was able to get through it and it wasn't that bad. She wasn't as tired either.

Tonight she has her own tables the entire night. In fact, she won't have just one table to take care of, but FIVE. I cannot imagine how this night will be. Talk about throwing someone in the fire! This is only her third night of training. If she makes it through tonight, the manager will talk with the owner and we'll find out if they want to hire her. It's sad because she won't make any tips tonight. In fact, she hasn't made anything at all so far. She doesn't get paid during training. The other waitresses get her tips. She said that her eyes just get big because people have given some big tips (it's a pricey restaurant) and the other waitresses pocketed them. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere.

I really hope that she makes it through tonight and gets the job. It will really build her self-confidence. I'm worried that her self-confidence will go way down if they tell her that they don't want to hire her.

This will be quite interesting. I wonder what the text messages will be tonight. THAT IS if she even has the time to send one.


Anonymous said...

ooo, i can't wait to find out what happens! :D i was a waitress for about four years and i LOVED it. it can be very stressful at times, but when you get used to it, it can be very fun -- and profitable!

Anonymous said...

What jerks those other waitresses seem, most would at least have thrown her a couple bucks... geez.

Anonymous said...

I'm cheering your daughter for going through with it.

it is a bit scary to work, especially when you're a newbie.

take care! :)

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