Thursday, April 24, 2008

Seven Random Things

I was tagged with the following meme called "Seven Random Things".

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Working as a software configuration manager and going through a divorce with my daughter's father.

2. What are five things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order).

Actually nothing is on my to-do list right now because it's 11:20pm and I'm dead tired. I will post my to-do list for tomorrow:

  • Go to work.
  • Clean the house after work.
  • Wash clothes.
  • Make dessert for a friend who is eating dinner with us Saturday. This particular dessert I always make the night before because it tastes better the next day.
  • Call my Mom to tell her the movie times. She wants us to watch a movie together Saturday afternoon.
3. Snacks I enjoy:
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Yogurt
  • Grapes
  • Cherries
4. Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
  • Send my husband to the Orsoni School of Byzantine Mosaic in Venice, Italy to attend a mosaic workshop he has been dying to go to. (I hear about this EVERY DAY of my life.)
  • Put money away for my daughter so that she can live her life without worrying about money.
  • Quit my job and volunteer at the hospital on Mondays, the children's hospital on Tuesdays, the zoo on Wednesdays, and the animal shelter on Thursdays. Friday will be my day off.
  • Give money to all of my family members and friends so that they can pay off their bills and mortgages.
  • Take a trip around the world.
  • Build a house on the beach in Morocco.
  • Live six months in the States and six months in other countries (while in the States I will do volunteer work as previously mentioned. I'm sure I would find other places to volunteer in other countries).
  • Take a trip on the Orient Express (I have wanted to do that since I was a child).
  • Visit Linda in Australia and take her out for a coffee.
  • Get a trainer and work out. Also attend yoga classes.
  • Hire a cleaning service for the house.
  • Hire a landscaping service for the yard.
  • Buy a boat and jet around the lake.
  • Pay off all of my bills and mortgage and get a financial investor to make a plan to invest/save the rest of the money.
Wow...that is a lot...but then again it is a billion dollars. There is so much more that I would do but don't have all night.

5. Three of my bad habits:

It used to be smoking, but I quit a year ago (I still crave them like mad, though!).
  • Not having enough discipline and getting to bed way too late.
  • Wanting everything to be in its place and clean where I live (I am fine if others aren't this way where they live and don't mind at all) to the point that I get upset with my husband and daughter for not cleaning after themselves or organizing things (I can be way too anal about this which isn't good for anyone living with me).
  • Driving too fast.
6. Five places I have lived:
  • Scotland
  • England
  • Various places in the US
  • In a house
  • In an apartment
7. Five jobs I have had:
  • US Navy
  • Bartender at a pub in England
  • First job was at 15 in a daycare. I had a very sweet class of five-year olds.
  • Software development job
  • Cleaner at a hospital in England
Anyone wanting to do the same meme let me know that you did so that I can visit and learn more about you.


Anonymous said...

that was interesting. I'm very anal about people cleaning after themselves as well, lol. then my sister tells me to calm down already.

I'd do this meme, but that would be after the other memes still clogging my system. :)

those were cool goals for a million dollars by the way. very detailed. at least you know what you'd really do with it. as opposed to "buy stuff" or something vague like that.

who knows, saving a bit here and there could lead to some of those stuff years from now. particularly saving for your daughter and the mosaic workshop. :D

Anonymous said...

your answers are so simple but INTERESTING ;)

by reading ur writing, i know that you've already experienced many things.

wonderful ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the look of your new home - I'll re-add you to my Blogroll :^)

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