Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Very Happy

My husband was asked to speak about his artwork at a university tonight. Not only was he asked to discuss his work, but was also paid to be there and chat about it. This is the second time he has been paid to talk about his work and it's been pretty nifty. I am very happy for him because it seems like things are coming together artistically and it's about damn time.

I don't know if it was noticed in one of my last posts (last two paragraphs) that I have been doing better. It's so nice to say that instead of constantly complaining (or it felt like I was when reading my old posts). If you haven't read those last two paragraphs, please do.

Today I thought about how I'm still doing better. It's been a while now for things to be more rosy. It's not that the blanket of depression is lifting, the fact is that it has lifted and for quite some time. I am very grateful for that.

It's interesting to me as well that things are better with my husband. He is more satisfied and happy about how things are turning in his artistic life and in turn he has been easier to deal with. His anger is not as bad nor his tongue as vicious. I have learned a lot more about him this summer. At the time I wasn't sure if I wanted to learn what I did, but in the end, it's best that I did and know more with what and who I am dealing with.

I just wanted to share the good news with you. It's so much better than the alternative.


Agnes Mildew said...

This is a lovely upbeat post and I had no idea you suffered depression. I do hope you are seeing some light more and more these days. And I am glad that you and your husband are getting on better. There's nothing worse than having further negativity in your own life when you also feel like crap. Keep your chin up, sweetheart!

linda said...

Depression for me is something I manage. I guess that once I realised it was here to stay, part of who I was, I just worked around it the best I could. I am glad you feel a little more at peace with yourself as that flows on into your relationship with everyone else. It is very nice to have you back on board Catherine.

Daisy said...

that was so lovely to hear. I'm so glad about your husband! I guess it's always that way with anything important: you work your butt off and go through so much difficulty for what you think is forever then it starts to pay off. congratulations to him and to you too! :D

and I pray your marriage keeps getting better and better. that it won't be perfect (because hey, this is the real world) but it'll be something strong and worth working for.

I pray you'll be happy too. :)


Chunks of Reality said...

Annie - I didn't have time this weekend to post about what I wanted to which I mentioned in your blog and I will soon. That post will take some time to write, so I will as soon as time is readily available. :)

I am feeling much better and have for a while, which is wonderful.

Thank you for your kind comments.

Chunks of Reality said...

I am very happy to be back on board as well, Linda...AND I feel more whole this time instead of so damn fragmented. :)

You have been a wonderful inspiration for me. You really were the first person in my life that really made me think about accepting my depression. Watching you do that over time has really impacted my life and I can't thank you enough, my dear.


Chunks of Reality said...

And a HUGE HUG for you, Daisy!!

Thank you so much for your prayers over time. You have been such a wonderful support and continue to be and I eternally thank you.

I pray for you as well and will continue to. There isn't such a thing as too many prayers in this world, that's for sure!

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