Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Working my Butt

Yesterday I went to the trainer for the first time. All I can say is thank God for him because he showed me what to do and it was a success. He is such a motivating guy and I feel lucky to be doing this.

I am pecking this post out on my mobile phone keyboard again so it won't be long. My only access to the Internet lately is my phone and though I've been keeping up with your blogs, I haven't commented. I will go around and do that soon when I get on the laptop next.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement. It means so very much.



Anonymous said...

You go, mama! You are going to love it! Stretch a lot and get lots of water!!!

Laura said...

Glad you're enjoying this experience and getting healthy at the same time. You go!

linda said...

Exercise is the elixir of life. The effort is worth it always. Keep on moving.

Karen ^..^ said...

The endorphin rush will be worth it, and so will the results. You will become addicted to this new lifestyle, mark my words. There are few things in life that give us hours of "feel great" afterwards, and exercise is one of them.

Good for you! Enjoy!

Da Old Man said...

Good to see positive steps.

Anonymous said...

Did your new personal trainer KILL YOU? Where are you???

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