Sunday, September 23, 2007



This is my dog named HoneyBunny. Now, the reason that I am showing this picture is because you need to see what she usually looks like. She is a toy poodle and is 5 pounds. She is very tiny, very sweet, very intelligent and I just love her so very much. She has been a wonderful companion to me and we have become quite close over this past year (she is a year and two months old).

When I am depressed, this little angel disguised as a dog sleeps and lays down with me when I can't get out of the bed.

About a month ago she had an operation and the veterinarian said not to give her a bath until she completely healed, which was approximately 10 days. I normally give her a bath and groom her every weekend, but wasn't able to for awhile because her stitches did not heal very well and it took longer than expected for her to get better. She absolutely abhors grooming and doesn't like to even be brushed. Her hair is like cotton candy (or as they say "candy floss" in the UK) and mats very easily. I didn't want to bother her with brushing her because I knew she felt poorly, so she didn't get brushed and over time mats developed. Well, I say over time, but really in no time at all she had mats all over and then I really didn't want to brush her until she felt like it.

Today I was finally able to groom her because her stitches are out and she is able to be groomed. The bad news is that the mats were so bad in some areas that I finally had to break down and shave her with clippers. I was heartbroken to do this because I have been been grooming her for a year and her hair was really starting to get long and she had one of those cute poodle cuts. It has taken forever to grow out the hair on her head, ears and little tail, so I tried to save the hair in those areas.

Now she looks absolutely hilarious...I told my husband that she looks like an '80s rock star and he said that she favors Andy Warhol. This is what she looks like now. Make sure you go to the bathroom first before seeing the picture so you don't wet yourself laughing...

Ta Da!




Anonymous said...

Pets are lovely aren't they and they can be annoying too, only though, when I am busy working on something or other and they ( I have 2 cats) want their grub. They know the times they are supposed to get fed. !!
It's pecular how they learn those things they want to learn and not the things I wish to teach them !!

Mind you although I am a good teacher to humans (though I no longer am able to do even p-t work because of health problems -- I am much too soft with them, and so I suppose my efforts to teach them are not really that serious .

And yes I do click on some of the blogs in relation to "Does Anyone Actually Ever Read these Blogs.?

Its just a question of whether there is something there in a blog that you can relate to. Some of them though are just dreadful and one can only imagine that their authors are not good communicators in general or they really don't seem to have anything to say.
And here I am. I am up in Edinburgh. I have not yet looked to see where you are though I noted you are in the UK,

Your poodle does seem like a little sweetheart. I hope she does not do too much yapping though.

I had a cat who got quite elderly and passed away with being very ill -- his coat got very matted in the end because he couldnt manage to groom himself.

Being in pain all the time gets you down which is my situation so I can identify with what you are saying to some extent.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I'll be checking in with you all the time.. Keep smiling. I'll put you on muy links as well... if I can work out how to do it!

Anonymous said...

LOL Oh my Lord! Poor animal!

Your she-dog is cute, but what's up with the pink?

Anyway, I am sorry you are going through a depression :(! Writing is for sure a good therapy!


Tracy said...

AH! I love her!!
And that furcut ROCKS! LOL!!!
: )

You should have seen Professor when we first got him... a year ao this month!

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