Sunday, November 16, 2008


Kayla from OCD Lives Here tagged me with the following...

The tag rules are as follows:

  1. Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
  2. People who are tagged need to write in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  3. At the end of your blog post tag eight people and list their names.
  4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.
My 8 random facts:
  1. I used to be in the Navy and was a Mineman (built/maintained underwater mines, or bombs).
  2. While in the Navy and living in Scotland, the Commander in our unit killed himself the weekend before he was to go back to the States. He had sex with different girls in our unit who were not officers like himself (big no-no in the Navy), showed favoritism towards these girls, contracted a venereal disease with one of them and gave that gift to his wife. He was being sent back to the States to be punished because of his behavior (one of the people who got in trouble all of the time was sick of the other girls being favored constantly and not having to work and reported him. Admirals flew in, lie-detector tests were performed and he got popped). The night he killed himself I was on duty and was asked to identify his body. He had died by driving his motorcycle the fastest he could go on this little Scottish road and ran head-on into another car that a pregnant woman was driving. His body ended up in the top of a tree. I never knew what happened to the pregnant lady. All I know is that it was the first time I did not follow an order because I said I shouldn't be the one to go, that the senior watch officer in charge should go. He ended up going, thank God. I didn't want to see that. I was 18 years old.
  3. As you see, I can be wordy at times.
  4. I thought about how fat I am today and wanted to kill myself. This is nothing new.
  5. I am going to university and currently have a 4.0 GPA and if I don't get my butt in gear I'll lose it because I am very far behind in schoolwork. It feels overwhelming.
  6. I went skydiving and loved it. Jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet and it was a spiritual experience. I would do it again.
  7. I plan to use my tax money and visit Morocco this summer. I usually pay bills with it but not this time. It becomes a bit embarrassing to answer "no" when people ask if I've visited where my husband is from and we've been together almost nine years now.
  8. I love a slice of lemon in my water. I even wedge a slice of it into my bottled water before going to work in the morning.
I'll tag and you play if you would like:
  1. Linda
  2. Daisy
  3. Hope 
  4. Eccedentesiast 
  5. La 
  6. Crotchety Old Man
  7. Annie's Rexia 
  8. Stephany
Didn't get any schoolwork done but am going to try and go to sleep. I hope to get it done tomorrow.

Talk about sabotaging myself...sheesh.


soulful sepulcher said...

You've done something I always wanted to do: skydive!

You are beautiful, remember that. :)

Chunks of Reality said...

Thank you, Stephany. :) You are beautiful as well!!!

If you've always wanted to skydive you should try it out one day. You don't get that whooshing sensation in your stomach at feel like a bird floating in the clouds. :)

la said...

What an incredibly selfish man your commander was, even to the last. I hope the other driver and her baby made it out OK.

Chunks of Reality said...

La - I do as well. I have always wondered what happened with the lady and whether she and her baby made it out safely.

I was very sheltered growing up and what I saw my first year in the Navy was quite eye-opening. Whew....

linda said...

Use your tax money to come to Australia...... I know a place you can stay!!! I can take you to a Moroccan restaurant...

Agnes Mildew said...

I did this meme not that long ago, so if you care to look, it's here!

I can't really think of any other random things about me, unfortunately...

You'll love Morocco. My ex went and toured all over. You can have a wonderful time in the souqs, haggling for the pottery and spices. What a marvellous idea!

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