Monday, February 2, 2009

High School Friends and Dragged-Out Job Offers

I haven't been online at all this weekend. It was jam-packed with social events and was a lot of fun. Friday night I went to dinner with my husband. Saturday I met my cousin and we shopped for a bit. My daughter went home with her to spend the night at her house. Saturday night I met my two best friends from high school and we went out to dinner. Afterwards we went to a few clubs, danced and had fun. We didn't get home until 4:00am! Sunday morning I got up and met my parents and cousin for lunch. My daughter came back with me afterwards and on the way home I stopped to see my friend from high school while passing through her town. We were both dead tired from the night before and agreed it was definitely worth it. We then went grocery shopping together and afterwards my daughter and I went home. I then took a shower and collapsed in the bed to read for a while and eventually fell asleep.
I haven't visited bars/clubs for years now and it was quite interesting. It seemed to me that all of the young ones there looked 16 years old; all dressed the same with jeans and little tops sporting pancake flat/straight hair. I could totally envision my daughter there one day having fun on the dance floor. Sheesh, I am getting old.
This weekend my daughter and I are going with my cousin to the beach to visit with her sister. We leave after work Friday and will get home Saturday night. It will be wonderful to spend time with my two cousins because they were the sisters I never had while growing up. I haven't spent the night away from home in ages as well and it will be nice to get away.
I'm continuing to feel better. Not sure if it's the Prozac or what, but I'm not complaining. I always have a low-level feeling of depression even on my good days, but lately I haven't even felt that for the first time in my life. I am very grateful to be feeling so much better.
On the job front I'm still not sure if I have the job or not. To make a very long story short, I met with my contract company last Thursday and everything felt quite shady. It was a sad state of affairs because I've been personal friends with the owner of the contract company and her family. I really do believe that her business is not doing as well in this economy and she doesn't want to lose her workers. I think that since she knows the other company wants me and because we have to do a contract with her due to the clause in their contract between each other that she wants to make as much money this time on my contract as she can which is why the pay rate for this job is 8K less. I don't see her budging on this, but I have continued to try. She knows as well that the other company isn't the type to keep contracts open for an extended period of time. They either want you after six months or don't and after the six months are up and if they still want me, they will offer a full-time position and she will lose the money on me. It greatly disappoints me, but it's business and I need to remember that. They are thinking of their bottom line and I don't fit in the equation.
Concerning my credit check, from what I understood late Friday afternoon, the other company still wants me anyway. It looks like I'm going to get the job, but I'm not banking on it until I know my official start date and I give a resignation where I am currently employed. Only then will I feel comfortable enough to feel good to have another job. It's funny because when the owner of my contract company called Friday letting me know that the other company didn't care about my credit and wanted me, she said, "Oh, Catherine, you don't sound excited at all!". I told her, "I am very excited about the opportunity but the journey to get there was a long one. All of this talk about my credit and will or will they not hire because of it was quite exhausting". What I didn't add is that my contract company did not find this job for me. In fact, they didn't have to do anything to help me with this job. I found the job because of my friend telling me who works there. I went to two interviews, filled out paperwork, did everything, and they wanted me full-time. Only because of the clause my contract company has with the company is the reason my contract company got involved in the first place. If anything, knowing that my current contract comes up March 31, you would think they would pay a bit more since they didn't put one ounce of work finding this new opportunity, but we both know they won't. My contract company is now acting like they did everything for me to have this new job and I'm not jumping up and down excited about it. Thinking about it all makes me shake my head in disgust.
Thank you everyone for your kind comments and support. I'm continuing to send my blog posts via e-mail since I'm taking a lunch break at work and can't actually visit my blog due to rules here. Since I haven't been getting online at night I haven't been able to visit my blog and reply to your comments or even visit your blogs. I plan to soon.
I hope to know in a day or two whether I have the job for sure. This is one of the most dragged out events I've had in my life. Sheesh!


Laura said...

So glad you're feeling better and things look promising for the new job.

Barbara, The Spirited Strider said...

So happy to read this post! Things are looking up! Good for you!

Queenneenee said...

Hi, I am so happy that you had a good weekend. You social butterfly you! I can see a HUGE difference in you-I think that prozac may be the miracle you have been waiting for. Keep doing what you're doin' it seems to be working wonders!

Living Dead Girl said...

Fingers crossed on the job front. Just passing by after a few weeks of being offline. Christmas tree went up on the 1st December as I mentioned and the cats didn't pull it down. House move soon.... All excited. :D x

Chunks of Reality said...

Thanks, AD and Barbara!

Queenneenee - I will continue on the course because I definitely see a difference. Thanks for saying you see a difference as well. It's good to get other's opinions and perspective. I hope you're doing good. Going to visit ya soon!

LDG - Thanks for crossing your fingers. I need all the finger-crossing available! :) Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. Will be visiting you soon.

Good luck in your move! Ick, I hate packing boxes! *hugs*

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