Thursday, March 26, 2009

Climbing Out of the Hole

Once again I am feeling better. Monday and Tuesday were terrible. Yesterday I could finally write a little bit to express how I feel. This morning was difficult but it's getting better.

And the cycle continues.

I haven't been on my laptop in ages. I've been using my mobile phone for everything. The only thing I don't like about it is having issues when wanting to leave blog comments. It drives me nuts.

I need a new laptop. The one I have is old and slow and driving me nuts as well.

I'm still working out at the gym (except for Monday and Tuesday this past week), eating right, taking supplements, etc. I really am trying to change my life. I even get to bed by 10:00pm most nights. Last night it was 9:30pm. Before I stayed up way late and so I'm trying to get more sleep to see if it helps the depression.

I'm still taking Prozac. I'm thinking it may need to be upped a bit and will be discussing it with my doctor.

I think this is the most boring post ever so I'll end it here.


Ana said...

Hope you get better.
I did like the boring post!

Queenneenee said...

Hi lady, I just read your last two posts and I am sorry you are feeling so damn down. Have you every tried Ablilfy for your depression? Just wondering, cause it has done wonders for my son recently. I have a few friends who are on it and love it as well, so I'm just throwin it out there. Maybe mention it to the doc. Keep up the exercise, that helps a bit too. I will say a special prayer for you. This will pass~it's tough though I know.

linda said...

Oh, such a boring post Catherine. In fact, as I was reading it I ALMOST fell asleep. I thought I might send you an email outlining what constitutes a boring post to ensure that you never, ever present another one to the general public...... Naughty girl!!!!

Your post was perfectly fine.

Glad to hear you are still at the gym despite feeling rotten.

Karen ^..^ said...

Thank God for a boring post that let us all know you are feeling a bit better, and that you are holding strong.

I like boring posts if that is what you called this.

The gym is a good thing for you, and I truly feel the need to go back to the gym myself.

Take care, and a trip to the docs is an excellent idea. good girl.

soulful sepulcher said...

Hey there, just dropping by to say hi, and give a hug.

Unknown said...

Hi there.. just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you.
I am so glad that you are 'climbing out of the hole'. As you say, it is a cycle.. you know that 'this too shall pass'. I don't know who said that but it was a wise wise person.
Sending you loads of hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with changing your life. I sincerely hope it works out for you.

Unknown said...

You are never boring! I'm realizing that I need to sleep--it's way, way past my bedtime!

Queenneenee said...

Just checkin in, everything OK?

Unknown said...

Hi Honey, I hope all is good with you. Hear from you soon xx :-)

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