Monday, August 10, 2009

Some Good News

I made a 98 on my political science mid-term exam and a 100 on my database management systems mid-term. Not too shabby. Still holding that 4.0 GPA. If only I can last.

The job has been going good. Seven projects have been assigned to me already and it feel like I'm drowning. I'm sure it will get easier over time.

I'm still married. My husband said that he really wants to make this work. We are going to get family counseling and he said that he will attend, which is a good thing. I hope that it helps. He also said that he would go to a psychiatrist to see if any meds will help him because he can't stand the chaos he endures and gives to others. My insurance starts September 1 and I'm hoping that he will still go then.

Taking a break from class and need to get back. I love my political science teacher. He reminds me of my grandfather who died when I was ten years old. I just sit in the front row, staring and listening to him. I wish my grandfather was still alive. I've missed him so much over the years.


linda said...

Always light at the end of the tunnel. Glad to hear what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read good news, every day will get better. It's a slow process, don't be hard on yourself. I was going to tell you also, that don't let that weight comment from your husband hurt too long (I know it hurts)because I think he had other things going on w him. Glad that the counseling came up, and hope it works out.(writing this anon this time, you know by my email who this is)My recent worry about my significant other, was that my weight was a reaon for less intimacy and he just told me it was because I am too negative in mood....ugh. I am trying, life is hard. Just thought I'd let you know you arent alone.

Karen ^..^ said...

Very good news! And you!! You total brain, you! Great job!!!

I'm glad the job is going well. Sounds like you are feeling more upbeat about it all. I'm so happy to read this.

Laura said...

I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on those awesome marks.

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