Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I am 38 years old. Having Facebook is nice because I woke up this morning with a load of birthday wishes from a lot of people, which was very sweet. I received a text from my ex-husband with birthday wishes as well. This morning I saw my daughter and husband before leaving for work and neither of them said a word. It's now 10:31am and I still haven't heard from my husband. My daughter called me this morning from school asking if I could bring her blue binder because she forgot it and she never said a word about my birthday. Maybe they have plans for tonight and want to act like they forgot? I'm not sure. If they did forget though, I need to get them both a Facebook account so that it will remind them next year.

This entire week I have been in a depressed funk. Thankfully, today I feel better and am happy at this birthday present from depression. At least it's not tormenting me as badly today.

I apologize to everyone for not posting responses to your comments in my blog. I receive them all via e-mail and wish that Blogger had a way that I could reply to the mail and it would post a response back. My laptop is almost dead. I sit and wait for 15 minutes just to power it up and load Internet Explorer or Firefox. I need a new laptop badly and try hard not to use it. It's really cut down on my Internet time. I do check others blogs on my cellphone, but it's really not the same.

Hopefully, the birthday fairy will bring a new laptop to me tonight. :) I highly doubt it, though!


Anonymous said...

Imagine me singing the good gospelly version of happy birthday (cause I like it better lol). I hope your evening was full of surprises and if not, why not! You deserve to be happy. Love xx

Karen ^..^ said...

Did they ever remember?

They'd better have. I can't imagine such self centeredness.

Hope you had a great birthday.

I hear ya on the computer thing, but the only virus attacking mine is my nearly 13 year old daughter, LOL.

I update from my phone more than the computer these days.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Chunks!!!

I hope you have a wonderful 38th year.

la said...

Happy Birthday love xx

Ana said...

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Ana said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
A little too late...

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