Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My husband remembered my birthday around 10:30am yesterday. He then brought roses to me at work with a card. It was nice to see him and the roses were beautiful. He also ordered a cake for me which we enjoyed last night.

My daughter was acting like a strange bird yesterday. She never said anything about my birthday and when I asked her about it, she said that she kept remembering it was my birthday and then forgetting and doesn't know why she didn't say anything about it. In the past she has forgotten, but this time to know that she remembered and didn't say anything is very strange to me.

She didn't act like herself yesterday at all. I asked her if everything was OK and did anything happen at school and she said that she was fine. I could tell that she did feel bad about not saying anything about my birthday. It's just so weird the way she acted. I really don't understand.

I'm still celebrating my birthday. I love that it comes right before Halloween. I always squeeze more days out for my birthday every year.

I'm excited about next weekend because my best friends from high school and I are going out for my birthday. I went ahead and told my family that my birthday doesn't end until November 7. :)

Tonight my daughter is babysitting and won't be home. My husband and I both have homework to do, so I think that we will just lay in bed and do homework to get it over with. Tomorrow night my daughter is going to her boyfriends house to pass out candy with their family. My husband and I will be passing out candy at our house. I always enjoy doing that because I love seeing the little children in their costumes. My favorite costumes are the little bumblebee and ladybug babies.

I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend. Thank goodness the time changes and we get an extra hour this weekend!


Laura said...

I'm so glad your husband remembered you for your birthday. Kids can act strange at times. My middle son who never forgets my birthday never even gave me a card this year. I found it really odd.

Enjoy your next week!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ch of R -

So . . . how was your birthday week?

- Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

Lili said...

Scorpios RULE. Happy belated sweetie.

Lili said...

Hey there are you okay?


Unknown said...

hi stranger.. I miss you posts and and I'm hoping that everything is well.
I hope Christmas has been good for you and that 2010 is a top year for y0ou and yours. I'll raise a glass of cider and blackcurrant to you tomorrow night (even though it's sacrilege to adulterate cider!).
Talk to you soon hopefully

GirlBlue said...

Missing you hope everything is ok

Unknown said...

*twiddles thumbs* :-) still waiting for an update. Hope things are ok.
Loads of Love and Hugs

Unknown said...


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Queenneenee said...

just checkin in on you. Update would ya????

Unknown said...

Hi Chunks!

I hope all is well for you! Really miss reading your posts! Please email me, if you want to update offline. Thinking of you and yours, Barbara

la said...

Still thinking about you. Hope you're OK xx

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